Free Ideone API is available for everyone!

Use it to create your own desktop applications, www pages, on blogs and mobile devices. Use Ideone in business, in education and for fun.

Ideone API is available as a webservice and its WSDL can be found here:

Click here to download documentation

The only condition which must be met in order to use Ideone API (or parse the content of the service), is to place in the footer of your page, application or plugin (at the bottom of the screen or the window) the following information (together with links) in one of the following options:

YourProduct uses Ideone API © by Sphere Research Labs
HTML code:
YourProduct uses <a href="">Ideone API</a> &copy;
by <a href="">Sphere Research Labs</a>


YourProduct uses © by Sphere Research Labs
HTML code:
YourProduct uses <a href=""></a> &copy;
by <a href="">Sphere Research Labs</a>

Check out samples below!

Projects using Ideone API

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Sample programs

These samples below, written in various programming languages, present how to use Ideone API.